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Advocating for H.R. 676 and S. 1804 — Improved Medicare for All

What does "Improved Medicare for All" mean for you?

What is "Improved Medicare for All"?

H.R. 676 — Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act
In the House of Representatives, Rep. Conyers' bill provides for "single-payer" healthcare, a system that is publicly funded with our taxes while the delivery of care is provided by private practitioners and hospitals.

  • Everyone is covered from birth to death.
  • All medically necessary care* is included (*prescriptions, preventive care, office visits, hospitalization, surgery, vision, dental, hearing, mental health, long-term care).
  • Patients choose any practitioner and hospital.
  • There are no premiums, copays, or deductibles.
  • Healthcare is paid for by progressive taxes, and 95% of all households will save money.
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  • Our money will be spent on healthcare, not health insurance.

S. 1804 — Medicare for All In the Senate, Sen. Sanders’ bill was introduced in September 2017 with 16 cosponsors. More soon. See Reference Materials for additional information, including how the two bills differ.

Who is EPSPAN?

Our vision: Single-payer healthcare. Help us pass H.R. 676 and advocate for improvements to S. 1804. EPSPAN members include healthcare providers and non-medical people in the Eastern Panhandle of WV. We have been working together since 2008. EPSPAN is:

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