US Capitol

EPSPAN organized a delegation of seven constituents who visited Senators Manchin and Capito in their Washington, DC offices on July 12, 2017. We met with Senator Manchin’s healthcare aides and with Senator Capito herself and asked both to:

  • Continue staunch opposition to the current no-(health) care bill
  • Accept the invitation by Canadian-born West Virginian business owner, Allen Tweddle, to visit Canada to learn firsthand how their universal healthcare system works
  • Look at the evidence we provided that shows how HR 676 will save money enabling:
    • all in our country to have comprehensive, medically necessary care, including prescriptions, preventive care, office visits, hospitalization, surgery, vision, dental, hearing, and long-term care
    • 95% of us to pay less in new taxes than we now pay for premiums, copays, and deductibles
  • Introduce in the Senate a companion bill to HR 676, Expanded and Improved Medicare for All