Medicare for All 101 Webinars

Basics of Improved Medicare for All

This National Nurses United call is to learn more about the basics of Medicare for All and the national campaign to win it.
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Opinion: A Vote for American Healthcare is a Vote for Violence

By Maggie Mills — A recent study by Yale epidemiologists found that Medicare-for-All would prevent 68,000 deaths a year. These 68,000 deaths are not quiet, peaceful deaths. They are gasping-for-air, writhing-in-pain, bleeding out, wasting, violent, gruesome deaths. These deaths often follow extended periods of physical pain, emotional distress, and financial ruin. The same study found that Medicare-for-All would save the United States 45 billion dollars annually. ...
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The American Conversation Series

Healthcare – The Issue of Our Time

Reserve your free ticket for The American Conversation Series: Healthcare- The Issue of Our Time on March 12, 6:30pm, at the Frank Center Theater. Single-payer proponent, Richard Master, of Businesses for Medicare for All, is on the panel. He produced the film Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point.
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Universal Healthcare sign

The Urban Institute’s Single Payer Cost Estimate: False Assumptions False Conclusions

The Urban Institute’s (UI) new analyses of the costs of a single-payer reform, along with other reform options, posits impossibly large increases in the utilization of medical care (ignoring real world experience with coverage expansions in the U.S.), and discounts the vast administrative savings achieved by single payer systems in other nations, and by the U.S. Medicare program. …
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Why a Public Option

Why a ‘public option’ isn’t enough

… [A]s Democrats have realized how well the phrase “Medicare For All” polls with voters, its meaning has been deliberately muddied. Most of the Democratic presidential candidates now support something they call “Medicare For All,” but it’s often not clear what they mean by it. Some, when they clarify specifics, make it clear that what they actually want is a “public option,” i.e. a new kind of government insurance plan that you can buy within the structure of the existing healthcare marketplace. …
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Medicare for All supporters

House Hearing on Single-Payer Health Care

House Budget Committee announces hearing on single-payer health care: The House Budget Committee on Friday announced that it will hold a hearing on single-payer health care on May 22, marking another step forward for the progressive proposal on Capitol Hill. Read more… from The Hill by Peter Sullivan – 05/10/19
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Medicare for All Hearing

Send Supportive Letters

Rep. Jayapal, who introduced the Medicare for All Act of 2019 (HR 1384), is asking for letters from us documenting the need for Medicare for All. Why? She will submit them as testimony at the first-ever hearings on national improved Medicare for all that will be held by the House Rules Committee on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 10:00 am.
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Medicare for All supporters

Single-Payer Action Opportunities

Come to Washington, DC! Join members of EPSPAN and other single-payer advocates in DC on April 17. We will visit all of the Congressional offices to drop off materials and also gather contact information for all of the Health Legislative Assistants for the Single Payer Educator project. And more news on the movement.
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PNHP endorses the Medicare for All Act of 2019

On February 27, 2019 Representative Jayapal introduced HR 1384, Medicare for All Act, with 100 cosponsors! For more information, see PNHP endorses the Medicare for All Act of 2019.

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Michael Bloomberg

“Universal healthcare is too expensive” ???

Need help with what to say when you're told universal healthcare is too expensive and will cost $32.6 trillion over the next 10 years? Here are some responses. The media is badly botching the Medicare-for-all debate.
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Medicare for All supporters

Democrats Shouldn’t Abandon Medicare for All Over a Misleading Survey

David Leonhardt of the New York Times has highlighted a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation that, if true, would suggest that Medicare for All is not nearly as popular as initial polling would suggest. Based on this survey’s results, Leonhardt concludes that Democrats who support the idea are committing an “unforced error.” Unfortunately, that survey is deeply misleading.
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Healthcare Is a Human Right March

Gear Up for Single-Payer

Read the email (below) from Margaret Flowers and the HOPE team, and sign up for Monday's conference call to learn more about the revised single-payer bill in the U.S. House.
Good news! Your phone calls worked. We are starting to get more information about what is in the new version of HR 676: The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act. We met with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal's staff; they shared a chart of the comparison between HR 676, S 1804, and the new bill.
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Health Over Profit

Health Over Profit

Today we have a new Congress and a new opportunity to push for National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA). The current legislation expires and members of Congress will need to introduce new bills.

For the past 16 years, Congressman John Conyers introduced HR 676, our gold standard bill, in every new session of Congress.

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Healthcare advocates

Advocates Call On Jayapal To Release Draft Text Of House Single Payer Bill

Single payer advocates are calling on Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington) to share the draft text of HR 676 with the single payer movement for review and input.
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Medicare for All in Midterms

How Did Medicare for All Candidates Fare in the Midterms?

This year, a majority of House Democratic candidates endorsed Medicare for All, according to the union National Nurses United. If you had told me in 2014, or even 2016, that this would happen, I would have frowned at you…
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Drug Death Rate chart

Why a National Health System Is Needed to Slow the Opioid Crisis

It is widely expected that by Election Day Donald Trump will sign the Support for Patients and Communities Act or opiate bill (H.R.6), that was finalized by Congress on October 3. There will surely be fanfare when the bipartisan bill — passed 99-1 in the Senate — is signed into law. …
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FixIt logo

“FIX IT: Healthcare at the Tipping Point” Documentary

Healthcare at the Tipping Point

• Thursday, September 13, 6:30pm
• Robert C. Byrd Center Auditorium, 213 N. King Street, Shepherdstown WV, on the campus of Shepherd University.
The 38-minute film looks at the exorbitant cost of US healthcare from the perspective of business owners. It provides an in-depth look at how the current system suffocates business, discourages business start-ups, takes down companies when a few employees have high medical expenses, limits patient choice, can lead to bankruptcy, and demoralizes healthcare providers.
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Medicare Just Turned 53, and We Need to Turn to National Improved Medicare for All

July 30 marked a special anniversary. When Medicare was born 53 years ago, there was a collective sigh of relief by people 65 and older who hadn’t been able to afford healthcare. Their loved ones sighed, too, as Medicare cards rolled out. Imagine a photograph of everyone you care about. Imagine, regardless of age, they all are able to get the healthcare they need. Imagine, like you and everyone living in our country, we all receive a card for a vastly improved version of Medicare for all.
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Healthcare for All

Even Libertarians Admit Medicare for All Would Save Trillions

A new study from a libertarian think tank admits that Medicare for All would save a whopping $2 trillion.

A new report found that Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" plan would cause healthcare costs for the federal government to skyrocket, but it would also end up saving the US money.
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duck disguise

How to spot a fake health care reform proposal

Imitation plans like Medicare Extra (Center for American Progress) and Healthy America Program (Urban Institute): •Fail to cover all Americans. •Require out-of-pocket spending for medically necessary care. •Protect the profits of private insurance companies. •Make our complex “system” more complicated. •Restrict patients choice of doctor.
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Eastern Panhandle Single-Payer Action Network

Local Single-Payer Workshop June 7

Eastern Panhandle Single-Payer Action Network presents: Stumped by Single-Payer Skeptics? Mark your calendar, and don’t miss: “Talking Effectively About Improved Medicare for All” Thursday. June 7, 6:15-9:15 pm Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church 100 W. Washington St., Shepherdstown WV — Nationally known labor activist Mark Dudzic* will share the ins and outs of single-payer, to include: why the Affordable Care Act…
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Save the VA

Save the VA

It is no secret that there is an attack on our public health insurances and public health systems by the profiteers who want the public dollars for themselves. The VA is worth almost $200 billion a year and private health industries are eager to get a piece of that. … We, as supporters of single payer healthcare, such as National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA), must defend our single payer health systems. We need to act quickly because the House of Representatives voted last week to pass a bill, the VA Mission Act of 2018, that would shunt veterans into private clinics, close VA hospitals and place excessive burdens on the VA without providing more resources. The bill is expected to be voted on by the Senate on Wednesday, so we need to act now! Call your senators at 833-480-1637 and tell them you strongly oppose the VA MISSION Act (S. 2372). See details and call scripts here.
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Eastern Panhandle Single-Payer Action Network

Talking Effectively About Improved Medicare for All

  • Thursday. June 7, 6:15–9:15pm; Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church. 100 West Washington Street
Stumped by Single-Payer Skeptics? In the workshop, nationally known Mark Dudzic, will cover:
  • Why the Affordable Care Act can't be fixed and why a public option is not sustainable
  • Using words and phrases that resonate with conservatives
  • Talking points about the single-payer bills in Congress
  • Your questions
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PIISD sign

Medicare-for-all would fix PEIA and other employers’ headaches

During the historic West Virginia teacher strike, 22,000 workers stood up and made themselves heard, shutting down schools statewide for nine full days, before finally settling on a 5 percent raise for state employees across the board. Read Medicare-for-all would fix PEIA and other employers' headaches by Carol Paris, M.D., Charleston (W.V.) Gazette-Mail
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Preview Screening of Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point

Preview Screening
Fix It: Healthcare At the Tipping Point
A business CEO’s investigation into why his costs for employee healthcare continue to skyrocket — and why single-payer is the solution for significantly reducing costs and vastly improving benefits.
When: Wednesday, April 4 – 7:00 pm
Cumberland Room, Student Center at Shepherd U
Free and Open to the Public – Limited seating
Audience: Single-payer advocates. This showing is for those considering becoming active in making improved Medicare for all a reality. After the film: a brainstorming session!
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New Lead Sponsor for House Single Payer Bill

Rep. Keith Ellison, Deputy Chair of the DNC and vice-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, reintroduced H.R. 676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All bill! Watch him take over lead sponsorship of the bill on the floor of the House. Ellison, the first Muslim to be elected to the U.S. Congress and the first African-American…
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EPSPAN in Manchin's Office

EPSPAN Delivers Petitions to Senators

Eastern Panhandle Single-Payer Action Network members delivered petitions to the offices of Senators Manchin and Capito on February 27. They call on the senators to co-sponsor Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill. EPSPAN pointed out that with improved Medicare for All, PEIA will never again be an issue for teachers. EPSPAN members also addressed questions of how our country can afford improved Medicare for All.
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CAP proposal protest

New Proposal Designed to Confuse Public and Prevent Medicare for All

The Center for American Progress (CAP), a Washington-based Democratic Party think tank funded by Wall Street, including private health insurers and their lobbying group, unveiled a new healthcare proposal designed to confuse supporters of Medicare for All and protect private health insurance profits. It is receiving widespread coverage in "progressive" media outlets. We must be aware of what is happening so that we are not fooled into another ‘public option’ dead end.
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Bernie’s Medicare for All Town Hall

Medicare for All Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

The Medicare for All National Town Hall hosted by Senator Bernie Sanders from Washington. It's time to make health care a right!
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Sanders 012318

Sanders to Stream ‘Medicare for All’ Town Hall — January 23

"Going outside traditional media," the Senator and his partners will "do what cable channels and network news will not," and will live stream an in-depth discussion about how the United States could transition to a single-payer healthcare system.
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Democracy in Chains Event

Essential Event for Single-Payer Advocates

The single-payer movement, to be successful, must tackle the obstacles detailed by award-winning author Nancy Maclean. Free ticket required.
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Health Over Profit 102517

Single Payer Myths: Removing People From Employer Plans

Critics argue that single payer has a unique problem in that it would remove people from employer-provided health plans. … One remarkable aspect of this particular criticism (which I am going to call the “switching pain” criticism) is that it never seems to be fleshed out beyond a few sentences. I do not know why exactly this is. But one reason might be because, when you do so, the argument becomes totally indefensible. …
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C-Span Debate

“Can a Single Payer Health System Work in the U.S.?”

Watch the debate between Michael Tanner, Cato Institute and Dr Margaret Flowers, Health Over Profit and Physicians for a National Health Plan on C-Span’s Washington Journal.
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Ann Coulter

In Memory of Ann Coulter

In Memory of Ann Coulter, 1944 to September 20, 2017. Ann Coulter (also known as The Good Ann Coulter) stayed engaged in the effort to achieve single-payer until the day she died.
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Medicare for All-091417

Medicare for All Act of 2017, S.1804 — Resources

Selected Resources: Executive Summary of the Medicare for All Act of 2017; text of the bill; Options to Finance Medicare for All White Paper by Senator Sanders; and unofficial summaries of Medicare for All Act by Physicians for a National Health Program and Health Affairs.
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091317 PNHP Action

PNHP — Time to Win Support for Single-Payer

From Carol A. Paris, M.D., President, Physicians for a National Health Program: I’m pleased to announce that Sen. Bernie Sanders, a longtime single-payer advocate, has filed a landmark single-payer bill in the Senate. But this is just the beginning. We must now work even harder.
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Constitution image

Constitution Day Lecture (free!): The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution

Reserve your seat for the free Constitution Day lecture, The Crisis of the Middle-Class Constitution: Why Economic Inequality Threatens Our Republic, on Thursday, September 14, 7pm, at The Byrd Center for Congressional History on the campus of Shepherd University.
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Podcast - Road to Single Payer

Podcast – Road to Single Payer Debate

Even if you agree that single payer is the goal, there will be debate on how to get there. Check out the inaugural Single Payer Action Podcast: Jon Walker and Dr. Margaret Flowers Debate The Road to Single Payer.
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Medicare for all ages

Medicare for All Ages

What if each person in this photo could have the basic healthcare he or she needs without insurance? What if he or she did not have to pay a deductible or a co-pay to get care? What if all he or she needed was a card – like a Medicare card? Members of the Eastern…
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US Capitol

Congressional Visit Report

EPSPAN organized a delegation of seven constituents who visited Senators Manchin and Capito in their Washington, DC offices on July 12, 2017. We met with Senator Manchin’s healthcare aides and with Senator Capito herself and asked both to: Continue staunch opposition to the current no-(health) care bill Accept the invitation by Canadian-born West Virginian business owner,…
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