Dr Kip Sullivan

Flaws in Sanders’ “Medicare for All” Bill

Bernie’s bill, Medicare for All, differs in some important ways from what Health Over Profit (Margaret Flowers’ organization) considers the gold standard bill, HR 676, Expanded and Improved Medicare for All.
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Why a National Health System Is Needed to Slow the Opioid Crisis

It is widely expected that by Election Day Donald Trump will sign the Support for Patients and Communities Act or opiate bill (H.R.6), that was finalized by Congress on October 3. There will surely be fanfare when the bipartisan bill — passed 99-1 in the Senate — is signed into law. …
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“FIX IT: Healthcare at the Tipping Point” Documentary

Healthcare at the Tipping Point

• Thursday, September 13, 6:30pm
• Robert C. Byrd Center Auditorium, 213 N. King Street, Shepherdstown WV, on the campus of Shepherd University.
The 38-minute film looks at the exorbitant cost of US healthcare from the perspective of business owners. It provides an in-depth look at how the current system suffocates business, discourages business start-ups, takes down companies when a few employees have high medical expenses, limits patient choice, can lead to bankruptcy, and demoralizes healthcare providers.
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Medicare Just Turned 53, and We Need to Turn to National Improved Medicare for All

July 30 marked a special anniversary. When Medicare was born 53 years ago, there was a collective sigh of relief by people 65 and older who hadn’t been able to afford healthcare. Their loved ones sighed, too, as Medicare cards rolled out. Imagine a photograph of everyone you care about. Imagine, regardless of age, they all are able to get the healthcare they need. Imagine, like you and everyone living in our country, we all receive a card for a vastly improved version of Medicare for all.
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Healthcare for All

Even Libertarians Admit Medicare for All Would Save Trillions

A new study from a libertarian think tank admits that Medicare for All would save a whopping $2 trillion.

A new report found that Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" plan would cause healthcare costs for the federal government to skyrocket, but it would also end up saving the US money.
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How to spot a fake health care reform proposal

Imitation plans like Medicare Extra (Center for American Progress) and Healthy America Program (Urban Institute): •Fail to cover all Americans. •Require out-of-pocket spending for medically necessary care. •Protect the profits of private insurance companies. •Make our complex “system” more complicated. •Restrict patients choice of doctor.
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